Meet Selena

The most modern and accurate employee in/out tracking system.

In/Out Has Never Been Easier!

We introduce Selena, the most modern and accurate employee in/out time tracking system to get rid of the messy paper and cloud timesheets. By adding a compelling admin panel and through Selena's smart and valuable charts, the managers will be able to track the employees' attendance easier than ever! Furthermore, with your phone, you can change your status with one click, view all employee statuses and more.

Only one step to replace your knock clock, timesheets, and calculator with a modern approach is to register now. From now on, she will be responsible for monitoring your employees' attendance.

What Selena Can Do At The Moment


Smart, accurate and modern charts/Reports extracted only from data that matters.

Slack Integration

Slack integration to keep you informed of your staff's activity as it happens.

Mobile App

Track your staff's activity, update your status and observe simplified timesheet. Apps work offline too!

Apple Watch Integration

Want to forget about your phone, you can check In/Out in a nano second using Apple Watch.

Time Tracker

Regardless of the timezones confusion, Selena smartly keeps tracking your staff activities.

All In/Out

Tomorrow is the weekend? What about checking out the whole team to prepare for the party!

Members and Teams

Manage your teams effortlessly and make best use of Selena's portable company directory.

Geofence and Tagging

Selena can notify you and your staff whenever they enter/exit your office boundary.

Getting Smarter Everyday!

The baby girl is still young. However, she keeps learning to give you better data analysis and to take the best decision. See What's Next!

Meet The Creators

TrianglZ is a 100% self-bootstrapped company, has been founded by young engineers who decided not to follow the same manner of increasing the number of gears in huge machines already been established under certain conditions.

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